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To carry out our business we use the services of companies that we can rely on, our clients deserve the best service and to enable us to deliver the best service we use the following service providers. By clicking on the links and using their services or purchasing their product you help support our business. Thank you.


Established in 1997, Wex Photo Video is the market-leading provider of photographic and video equipment to the private and public sectors. We pride ourselves on our expertise, dedication and outstanding customer support, underpinned by competitive pricing and the widest range of products in the UK, with more than 20,000 currently listed.

EE Shop

Here at EE, providing a great customer experience is our top priority. Part of that is keeping customers up to date on performance and how we’re handling complaints, as well as sharing the innovative ways we’re supporting our customers.

Ordnance Survey

Our aim is to provide a mapping solution that informs, guides and inspires. Our vision is to reveal our ever-changing landscape in extraordinary detail, giving the most comprehensive view of Britain.

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Panasonic Lumix G9
Panasonic GH5S
Panasonic XLR1E
Panasonic DMW-BGGH5E
Panasonic DMW-BGG9E
Panasonic Lumix G Battery DMW-BLF19E
Godox XPro-O Flash Trigger
Godox V860II-O Olympus/Panasonic
MAGMOD MagSphere
MagMod MagBounce
MagMod Flash Kit
MagMod MagBox

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

This rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. While the team here still aims to maintain a “business as usual” approach, we are making a number of significant changes to our operations to account for a situation that is far from normal.